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Hello . This is my super simple blog . Follow and come again okay :)


Love Love Love and Love again :/

                                          Assalamualaikum peeps .     Now :   3:20 p.m -  Sunday
Bloggie again . Im bored actually . Huh -.-  Introduction fisrt k . Today just like everyday , go school - home - on lappy - on twitter - on facebook - and now bloggieee . heee :D Fyi , Jom Masuk U carnival is held at Stadium . hehe . Ofcourse we'all join it . Seriously , its soooo . aaaa besttt ! mcm nak pi lagi harini . Its true what Batch'95 say last year .Terjumpa Fir dekat sana dgn geng dia termasuk Erah . huuu . Actually bukan terjumpa pun , Fir dah tau aku pi situ . hahaha .Okay dah -.-  First , at booth German-Malaysian Institute , i likee wahhhh . Its cool babe !  Insyaalah one day i wiil studied diploma in Engineering Technology , Sustainable Energy and Power Distribution . Gila dah boleh hafal :D Its about tenaga dan juga minyak . haha . okay minyak :D Physic addmath mau cekang kalau course ni . Okayy addmath i will try love you :3 Aku dah azam nanti dah kerja , Rm 1000 bagi kat mak dgn ayah RM 1000 bg kat akak . And nak simpan and decide nak beli rumah besar , then nak bawa mak dgn ayah dok dgn aku . hehehe .  Okay enough about that ... Back to the post title . Erkkkkk . Okay . Semalam tak boleh nak tido . Serious gasric ni sakit gila . I didn't eat from noon until this morning . Pedih gila. And dah takleh tido kan , mcm mcm lah dok fikir . hmm . Fikir pasal youu . Yes youuu ... All time think the same things . Yeaa .. everyday you text me , you call me and tell me what you do and where you go ... And how bout if one day , IF you didn't text ,call and didn't tell me what yo do and where you go ? Apa akan jadi ? Apa i rasa ? Apa you rasa ? ohhh . its sludgee -.- im scared , im worried for lossing you :( Its true . i start love you . I dont know how you feel ... Yes i tak perfect . Semua org tak perfect . So i ikhlas kawan dgn you . Kalau i ada salah buat apa or have a bad behavior , please tell me . tegur i . Bimbing i . hmm . Love can't be force sayang . Yes ! Can't ... If you read this . Read properly k ? I love you. I taknak hilang you :(

# Some boy can't be trust , just our unic father and brother can be trust 100 % but you i trust one hundred percent just like   my hero . You're also my hero actually :')

Actually pic aku tu takdak kena mengena pun . hehe . Errr . Enough mira . its about 4.15 p.m . Its take about an hour to complete this post . OMG . Hahaha . okayy .  Nak mandiiii . Bye peeps :*
@Mirrofeddorro #Eyes to eyes ;)

                                THANK YOU VERY MUCH . Step here again :)